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Jocs de mostres / Sample sets
format HW1 / MyOrgan / GrandOrgue

Programari recomanat / Suitable software:
Hauptwerk (HW1-import)

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Sample Sets by Pere Casulleras
In collaboration:
Museu de la Música de Barcelona
Tecnologies ESMUC
Sample sets are collections of recordings that capture the individual sounds produced by each
note and register of a musical instrument. These recordings are accompanied by additional data
required for software to emulate the instrument accurately. In essence, a sample set is a virtual
reproduction of an existing instrument, designed to behave just like the original.
It is important to note that sample sets do not constitute electronic instruments themselves.
Rather, they enable the controlled reproduction of natural sounds through the use of an electronic
widget that emulates the operation of the keyboard of the original instrument.
To utilize these sample sets, you need an electronic keyboard connected to a computer running
dedicated software capable of processing them. One popular program for working with sample sets
is GrandOrgue, which is freely available and compatible with common operating systems such as
Windows, macOS, and Linux.
The instruments discussed here are presented as examples that may have limited or even impossible
accessibility. This could be due to factors such as their uniqueness, fragility, or current state of disrepair,
which prevents their normal operation. Sample sets provide an opportunity for anyone interested to
explore and delve into the musical and sonic possibilities of these instruments,
even if they cannot physically access them.

                               Veure-ho en català
  • Organ Gerhard Grenzing
        El Papiol 2002

        Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya
        11 Stops, 2 Manuals, Pedal
  • Claviorganum Lorenz Hauslaib
        Nürnberg 1590

        Museu de la Música de Barcelona
        Spinet, 4 organ stops
  • Harpsichord Christian Zell
        Hamburg 1737

        Museu de la Música de Barcelona
        1 manual (8', 8', 4', lute)
  • Aragonese Procession Organ
        Aragon 17. century

        Museu de la Música de Barcelona
        15 Stops (split), 1 Manual
  • Psaltery Organ
        Manresa, 1765

        Museu de la Música de Barcelona
        4 Stops, 1 Manual
  • Manuel Perez Molero Organ
        Segovia 1719

        Museu de la Música de Barcelona
        13 Stops, 1 Manual
  • Santa Maria de Segueró Organ
        Beuda, Alta Garrotxa, Unknown ca. 1800

        9 Splitted Stops, 1 Manual, Pedal
  • Basílica dels Sants Just i Pastor Organ
        Barcelona, ca.1500 - 1904

  • Celesta Mustel
        Paris, ca.1900 - 1950

        Museu de la Música de Barcelona
  • Harpsichord Carl Conrad Fleischer
        Hamburg, 1720

        Museu de la Música de Barcelona
  • Josep Boscà Organ
       Barcelona, ca. 1700-1720

       6 Stops, 1 Manual with short octave
        Museu de la Música de Barcelona

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