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Observatori meteorològic de Sant Martí de Canals
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The system makes with the real-time data from the weather station an estimation from the probability of pollen suspension.
Actual estimated pollen count: Very Low

To allow an alert without having to look permanently to the page, we use a bell that alerts every 5 minutes, on each page refresh (sounds only while this page is open)

- no bells: very low count

- one bell: low count

- two bells: moderate count

- three bells: high count

- four bells: very high count

- five bells: extremely high count

More on the used bell: http://www.atmos.cat/perl?num=1203526103
The algorithm to determine the probability of pollen in the air is experimental and is based on the evolution of temperatures during the past few days, the filtering produced by the rain (if any), the date,time of day and wind. The values vary quite a short-term depending on the situation, and for the time of day, which is an important factor in making an estimate of the impact on people with allergies.