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missatge començat per Remdo a 04.02.2011 a les 00:00:42

títol: Remdo from France
escrit per Remdo a 04.02.2011 a les 00:00:42

Hello everybody
first i want to apologize because i don't speak spanish. So i will participate in english, hope it's not a problem.
I live just by Paris and work in the right center of  Paris and use a scoot'elec (Peugeot) every day since nearly ten years now. I've traveled 43000 km with my scooter without main problem* (only two fuses have failed during these ten years). I'm also a moderator of the 1rst french forum about electric vehicles in France : http://vehiculeselectriques.free.fr.
I've heard about you by Voltamotion who sent me photos of a charging station for electric 2wheelers in Barcelona. I'm pleased to see that other european countries are aware about EVs.
I'll try to read all topics around here (thanks google translator).

* I've changed my accus only 2000 km ago.

títol: Re: Remdo from France
escrit per Roger Layola a 04.02.2011 a les 10:33:01

Hi Remco, it is a great pleasure to read your posts! wellcome to the voltforum!!

Feel free to write in English or French, with google translator we'll catch the meaning of your posts. The vast majority of the content here is written in Catalan,  but naturally the forum is open to all other languages.

Congratulations for your scootelect. I tested one in 2004 in Barcelona, but its range was low, and the top speed was really poor. I suspect now that the batteries where damaged. I bought a Vectrix in mid 2007, 31.000 km done. It was the first motorbike 8not mopped) in Spain ever. This year I'll try to upgrade to lithium, if possible.
During the Rallie Solaire Phebus 2007 I saw a scootelect with an extra accu, great extended range, it could climb to the top of Port de Puymorens.
Have you added some electronics to control/balance the cells?

Very nice site you're running. maybe we can meet at next travessé dels alps, this year there won't be any rallie solaire Phebus.

títol: Re: Remdo from France
escrit per Remdo a 04.02.2011 a les 11:34:14

Thanks Roger.
My scoot'elec has 40-42 km range and top speed around 50km/h (much more in slopes  ;) )
Ihaven't added anything to help the batteries. The native electronics is already very efficient. I don't know if i 'll participate to the next traversée des Alpes, but one of our members do it every year now (he has a scoot'elec with LiFePo) and next year he'll try with a 106.

títol: Re: Remdo from France
escrit per Jérôme a 06.03.2011 a les 15:38:50

The 6th Traversée des Alpes is announced in June  from 13 to 21 june

We hope to see a lot of Catalan electric drivers

títol: Re: Remdo from France
escrit per Roger Layola a 07.03.2011 a les 18:26:18

Jérôme, this year there won't be rallie Phebus. We may attend to the traverseé!

títol: Re: Remdo from France
escrit per Remdo a 23.04.2012 a les 06:27:08

Bonjour électronautes catalans,
je suis à Barcelone pour les 5 prochains jours, et suis déjà à l'affut de véhicules électriques. J'ai, pour le moment, vu le Piaggo Porter utilisé par les travailleurs de la propreté des rues. Je suis aussi en quête des bornes de recharge tout en visitant les lieux.
J'espère croiser l'un de vous sur (ou dans) son véhicule électrique.

Bonne journée

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