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Endolls públics: Fabricants de punts de recàrrega. (Read 7336 times)

Endolls públics: Fabricants de punts de recàrrega.
05.06.2008 a les 16:14:15
Avui en el despatx d'arquitectura on treballo ha transcendit un anunci sobre una empresa que comercialitza punts de recàrrega  per anar col·locats direcatmnt en la via pública. Tenen disseny estanc a l'aigua, són antivàndalics, entre altres aspectes. Esperem que ben aviat els ajuntaments catalans s'animin a col·locar-ne, doncs encara no n'hi ha cap. Quin excel·lentíssim  tindrà l'honor de ser el primer?
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Re: ENDOLLS PÚBLICS: Un fabricant de punts de recà
Reply #1 - 11.06.2008 a les 18:54:58
Hem localitzat un segon fabricant de punts públics de recàrrega:
Seria molt interessant passar aquesta informació al Ajuntament de Vilafant, a veure si s'animen a col·locar-ne 1! Això podria emarcar-se en una capanya informativa per part de VOLTTOUR
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Re: ENDOLLS PÚBLICS: Un fabricant de punts de recà
Reply #2 - 11.06.2008 a les 18:55:52
i aqui les instruccions... molt curiós!
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Re: ENDOLLS PÚBLICS: Fabricants de punts de recàrr
Reply #3 - 10.07.2008 a les 14:57:36
En Xaviar masvidal, soci de volttour i que està apunt de ser feliç propietari d'una vectrix, està negociant de posar un punt de recàrrega la feina. Aquí tenim més dades d'aquest punt:

Dual socket recharge unit designed for the recharging of electric cars, plug in hybrid vehicles, motorbikes, bikes, older person electric buggies and Segways. Access is by way of RFID key for authorised users / members. Designed to allow simultaneous re-charge of two vehicles.


Number of Sockets
Two sockets, compatible with UK domestic plugs. Also available for European or US plugs.

Target Locations
Public and Private car parks. Pavement / Sidewalk locations. Residential and commercial property developments.

Suitable Electric Transport
Universal compatibility with electric cars, buses, plug in hybrids, motorbikes, bikes, older person buggies, Segways.

Design / Shape
Standard two socket, space saving pillar configuration as shown. Custom shapes to meet architectural or street furniture needs, to order.  Slim line space saving design to minimise visual impact and pedestrian obstacles. Site specific design can be allowed to ensure the context of the setting is not compromised.

Model shown with custom logos for customer. Standard supply with small Park and Power logo above doors.

Stainless steel or powder coated mild steel (40 colours available)
Model shown is 2mm powder coated mild steel.

Access Door Configuration
Security doors activated by users / member’s RFID key. Simple LED’s ensure simplicity of function and ease of use for visually impaired.

Power on only when door is in closed and locked position, designed to ensure weather resistance.

User Access and Instruction
Via RFID key. Issued to authorised users for 6 or 12 months.
Key is swiped adjacent to door, door then releases, user slides open door, plug inserted, door slides closed then locks by way of solenoid bolt.  Power delivered to vehicle.

User Interface
Domestic 3 pin socket for use with UK domestic style plug. US and European configuration available. 3 phase system available.

Power Requirement
A SWA (steel wire armoured) cable is run to each recharge unit. This cable is then terminated inside the unit to a 32amp MCB circuit breaker/main fuse. Should there be any short circuit or overload within the unit this fuse will fail safe.

Power Load/Consumption
The power load or consumption will very much depend on the type of vehicle being recharged. The types of vehicles currently being sold will not draw more than 16amps 1500watts when charging correctly. Should current draw rise above 32amps the fuse will fail safe.

Vehicles drawing more than 16amps can be incorporated at customer’s request.

Overcurrent protective device for the modified circuit
BS(EN) 60947-2 MCB. MCB/RCD

Annual Testing
Park and Power recommend 2 inspections.

Data Reporting
Flexible data reporting and billing functions available designed to customers needs. Remote data reporting with new member / user authorisation and fault reporting where required.

Installation and Foundations
Designed for permanent ground fixing. Option of on ground fixing with chemical anchors or solution with excavated foundations. Final design will depend on ground conditions. Design allows easy removal and ground remodelling.

This will vary based on volume and system specification.
Grant funding may be available to qualifying locations.

Park and Power. 44 Tower Point, North Road, BRIGHTON, East Sussex. BN1 1YR.
t – 01273 668897 e- [email protected]

Please note that Park and Power reserve the right to change the specification at any time.  
Park and Power.

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