CEST dimecres 4 d'octubre 2023  
Dos videos sobre la combinatòria anglesa del Change Ringing.
Un de sis campanes, menut.
I un de dotze, bastant gran. Amb un tenor d´uns 1600 kg com a mínim. És, però, a Nova York.
Ara vegeu el de la Catedral de Liverpool, un dels més grans...
i la cambra de campanes durant el peal:
L´Abadia de Westminster; la gran és un re3 d´uns 1400 kg.
Ara un dels conjunts més lloats d´Anglaterra:
L´Abadia de Buckfast.  El peal de 12 campanes amb el tenor un do3, que deu pesar cap a 1800-2000kg.
A més, en aquest vídeo sona el bordó, "Hosanna"; un Fa2 de 7500 kg.
Observeu com va de contrapesat el batall; no obstant està ben fet i la campana sona molt maca.

Una web ens dóna notícies de les campanes de Buckfast:
On May 15th the great Hosanna bell was cast for Buckfast Abbey at the foundry of Messrs John Taylor & Company, Loughborough... It is hoped that the bell will be in position for Easter, next year.  
Christmas at Buckfast this year, while lacking nothing of the customary solemnity of the rites in chant and ceremony, will, not inappropriately perhaps, come to us in magnum silentium, in a great silence, as there will be no joyous bells pealing out upon the midnight air from the lofty tower... A few days after we had heard them ringing for the solemnity of the third anniversary of the Dedication of the Abbey, the bells were lowered slowly, one by one, by means of a double-handed winch, to the ground. 'Mary', the heaviest, took thirty-five minutes to lower. All have gone to Messrs Taylor's foundry to be re-cast in a new scale in perfect assonance with their new brother...  
It will be of interest no doubt to readers to know more of our work on the tower and new belfry. There has been work going on ever since the bells were taken off to be recast... It was now of great importance not to throw any thrust on the tower walls at the higher level. This problem was solved by Mr White in a masterly manner. The new floor to the bell-chamber, which is at a 20 foot higher level, is supported by iron stanchions and framework rising from the previous bell floor, which will henceforth be the ringing room... The reinforced netted flooring... consists of hollow brick laid in rows separated by four inches of concrete reinforced with soft steel rods.  
It was on March 28 that Hosanna gained her lofty nest - indeed she looks like some great bird with her chickens all around her looking to the strong mother for protection and the cluck of encouragement. In the evening Brother Oswald Taylor made the simple profession of a lay brother. No doubt the two events will seem to many of suggest a mystical comparison one with the other.  
I una altra feceta, força desconeguda:
Els "cors" o corals de campanes de mà.
Una persona ens ha escrit aquests dies:
"Dear Daniel and members of Confraria de Campaners de Catalunya,
Easter Greetings from England (the home of 'change ringing') to all our comrades in Catalonia.
Yesterday I took this photograph of some friends ringing for a wedding at my local church - St.Giles, Newcastle-under-Lyme (12 bells - largest weighs 16 2/10 hundredweight = ?? kilos !)
Thank you for the always wonderful photographs and mp3 recordings at  
your website.
Geoffrey Walker"
Nota: 16 cwt: parlem d´uns 800 k i piiiico.
I ens ha enviat tres fotografies de la torre de st Giles, a Newcastle-under-Lyme.
Moltes gràcies, Sr. Walker, de la visita, i de les fotos...
La torre:
Els sonadors (ringers) a la foto:
Els ringers, en acció...
realment, és tota una tradició, a Anglaterra... si la parròquia té un mínim de distinció... no li falta la colla de campaners.
Gràcies altre cop! sereu benvingut sempre per aquí, Sr. Walker!
Devon is unique in Britain in having the only ring of twelve in a Catholic church - the melodious bells of Buckfast Abbey.  
Aquí veiem l´abadia...

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