CEST dissabte 16 d'octubre 2021  
This utility will help you grab an image from an IP cam on your LAN or from internet, put a copy on your computer and upload it to a ftp server of your choice.
Additionally, it will allow you to save a chosen number of cyclic images that you can show as animation with the javascript code included in animacio.htm - please adapt to your needs.
Installation instructions:
Download and execute the attached program. It will create a folder named ip_cam on your C: drive. Execute ip_webcam.exe, that will create a file named ip_cam.ini. Open that file with notepad and change the values between [ brackets ] with the needed for your case. If something messes up the utility, erase ip_cam.ini and start over.
To run the utility once it is configured: double click on it. It can be minimized. To exit the utility: bring the DOS-like window up, and press Control-C.

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